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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 4 Sources of Chlorophyll

Top 4 Sources of Chlorophyll:


A single cell-celled algae which grows in water & has the highest chlorophyll content of any plant. In addition to this it is thought that Chlorella contains every nutrient found in the human body & has been described as 'the perfect food!' This superfood contains all of the B vitamins (more vitamin B12 than liver), vitamin C, E, pro-vitamin A, amino acids, substantial levels of beta-carotene, rare trace minerals, plus carbohydrates, calcium (far more than milk) & protein! 
By supplementing your every day diet with substantial levels of Chlorella you need not ever bother with single vitamin supplements again. Chlorella is a natural source of all your body needs to be healthy which makes it a far superior option to synthetic vitamins, which, being man-made are not the same in effect as natural sources of these vitamins, minerals etc


Another excellent source of chlorophyll & like chlorella provides a whole host of benefits to health. Some of these benefits include: accelerated weight loss, improved energy levels, reduces food cravings, increased mental clarity, pre-digested protein source, improvement of hormone balance, supplies protein bonded vitamins & minerals.


As well as being a rich source of chlorophyll, Wheatgrass contains over 200 enzymes not found in other foods, along with 20 amino acids, complete protein & is packed with vitamins & minerals along with many other important nutrients. Due to its high chlorophyll content one source describes wheatgrass as "Quite possibly the closest thing to the fountain of youth man has ever conjured up". 
The protein found in Wheatgrass is required for cell regeneration & is a rich source of enzymes that assist the body in a vast array of metabolic processes. A few more of the many benefits are aiding cell oxygenation, protecting healthy cells, building immune system & being extremely alkaline! Wheatgrass is probably best known for its excellent cancer fighting properties.

Barley Grass

Very similar to Wheatgrass in terms of nutritional content & is also an excellent source of concentrated chlorophyll. Another well known super-food in terms of its ability to help reverse cancer, as well as promote all round health & vitality.

Due to their dense nutritional value, all of these four super-foods have an amazing healing power & benefits that reach far beyond that of any other food on the planet.



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