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Monday, July 16, 2012

One Way to Sun Gaze by HRM

Sun gazing is a one time practice that is typically done over a 9  months period in 3 phases (depending on the climate in your area)

Phase I (0-3 months)
Day one – look at the sun for a maximum of 10 seconds (during first hour of sunrise)
Day two – look the rising sun for 20 seconds, then add 10 seconds each day thereafter. Eye stillness and steadiness are not required; do not wear lenses or glasses while sun gazing
Make sure to stand in bare foot on bare earth (not grass). As a  precaution, have your eyes examined before you consider sun gazing. If your cheeks get heated up- stop sun gazing. Listen to your body!

Phase II (3-6 months)
When you reach 30 minutes duration of looking at the sun—you will slowly be liberated from certain physical imbalances, illness and diseases- as  all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain through  the eye. The brain redirects the flow of color prana  appropriately throughout your body – where it’s needed.. The vital organs are dependent on certain sun color prana. For instance- Kidney = red; Heart = yellow;  Liver = green, etc. This color prana reaches the organs and corrects deficiencies and imbalances/weaknesses—this is how color therapy works! At this phase your appetite for food will lessen.

Phase III (6-9 months)
The absorption of sun energy becomes your new food! Need for food intake will decrease substantially – as you feel less hungry. Remember food is not necessary for the body to function – only energy! By eight months the concept of hunger will no longer exist. All mechanisms associated with hunger like aroma, cravings and hunger  pangs will also disappear.. At 9 months you will reach a total of 44 minutes of sun gazing – and that is the maximum daily intake recommended by solar science to ensure proper eye care.

FACT: Since June 18th 1995 – HRM has and continues to live only on sun energy and water.

FACT: In 1922, The imperial Medial college in London England  decreed that solar rays were the ideal food for humans.

Stay tuned for "8 Reasons to consider sun gazing"

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