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Friday, June 29, 2012

Benefits of Chlorophyll to Health

Benefits of Chlorophyll to Health:

·                 Prevents absorption of toxic carcinogens by the body
·                 Heavy metal detoxification
·                 Assists immune system function
·                 Increased energy
·                 Neutralises pH levels in the body
·                 Antioxidant
·                 Increases oxygen levels in the blood
·                 Anti-inflammatory
·                 Anti-bacterial properties
·                 Anti-aging
·                 Assists liver function
·                 Purifies & fortifies the blood
·                 Improves circulation
·                 Regularises secretion glands functioning
·                 Reduces risk of illnesses & infections
·                 Clear complexion
·                 Cleanses the liver & colon
·                 Assimilates calcium
·                 Activates enzymes to produce vitamins E, K and A.


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