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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Benefits of Chlorophyll in Fighting Disease

The Benefits of Chlorophyll in Fighting Disease:

Here are some of the many clinical benefits of chlorophyll & some diseases at which it is known to be effective against:
·                 Prevent & even reverse cancer
·                 Prevent & repair DNA damage caused by aflatoxins
·                 Alleviates stress & depression
·                 Cures impetigo
·                 Cures chronic sinusitis
·                 Effective against diabetes
·                 Prevent & even reverse heart disease
·                 Effective against Irritable bowel syndrome
·                 Repairs nerve damage
·                 Helps eliminate body odour
·                 Effective against ear infection & inflammation
·                 Reduces fatigue
·                 Heals wounds
·                 Clears up bad breath
·                 Reduces varicose veins



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