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Monday, April 23, 2012

Your intuition needs to be validated

Acknowledge your intuition and it will get stronger.

Sometimes we tend to over-analyze and intellectualize our thoughts and when a hunch or ‘gut feeling’ arises we easily dismiss it as  illogical or absurd.

A personal story:

A few weeks ago I shared a story of driving towards the highway onramp- when I got a sudden ‘message’ to pull over for 10 minutes.

I could have dismissed it – but instead I choose to follow my inner voice. Luckily I avoided what could have been a horrific accident behind an 18-wheeler truck.

Often we don't listen to our intuition because we fear being silly and irrational. After all, there was no apparent rational reason as to why I should not get on the highway and pull over for 10 minutes.

Here we find that by validating our gut feelings and hunches, we acknowledge our inner knowing, the very core of our intuitive being, and the more we listen to it, the stronger the intuition and Divine Inner Knowing becomes.


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