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Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Spirit Talks. . . .I Listen (Part 2 of 2)

Yesterday I shared by first direct message I remember hearing from Spirit when I  was a teenager. That message saved my life!

Flash forward about 25 years. This time it was a Thursday morning in July around 7 am and I am driving my friend to work, in my little green Honda. For the past few days I would drop her to work, then turn down the main road and drive some 2 KM to the 401 on ramp to head westbound. But on this particular Thursday morning, as I travelled down the main road, I suddenly heard a voice – the same voice-- speaking clearly and firmly:  “PULL OVER FOR 10 MINUTES”

I was barely 200 meters from the 401 on ramp when Spirit spoke. Without a second thought I gently pulled over to the right hand shoulder of the road. It was 7:05 am. I sat there… watching the clock…. obediently waiting. At 7:15 am I turned the key in the ignition and got on the 401 on ramp.

I had not driven even 3 kilometers when I realized why Spirit had asked me to PULL OVER FOR 10 MINUTES.  Ahead of me was a collision involving a little green Honda (same make/color as my car)- with the  front end partially crushed behind an 18 wheeler long haul truck. The accident had recently happened, because no police car or ambulance had yet arrived on the scene.

But the image I will never forget as my car neared the other green Honda – was the face of the driver as our eyes met – he gently smiled as he saw my face- as if to tell me I am glad you are OK. What???

He was glad that I was OK and on my way home safely.

Was he an angel?

I will never know.

But one thing I know for sure… when Spirit talks…I listen.


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