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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Spirit Talks. . . .I Listen (Part 1 of 2)

I will never forget that warm summer evening in July some 25 years ago. I was barely a teenager. Like clockwork, every Saturday evening Mom, Dad and I would drive to Knob Hill Farms to do our weekly grocery shopping. Just a typical Saturday evening…or so I thought. As usual I was the first one ready to leave the house. 

I sat, impatiently, at the foot of our stairwell – watching the front entrance door. What’s taking them so long I thought? When you’re young a five minute wait can feel like an hour. I smiled when I heard their footsteps coming down the stairs. The walked passed me heading for the front door.  I stood up.

But when my Dad turned the door knob, that’s when I heard the voice: “SIT DOWN”.

I tried to move but my feet were stuck firmly on the stairs. I could feel a weight pressing down on my shoulders. My knees gave way and I found myself sitting on the step once more.

Without a second thought is said” I AM NOT GOING”

“What?” Asked my Dad.
“I don’t want to go—I am staying home.” I replied
OK they said and got in the car to drive to Know Hill Farms.

Four hours later I would receive the most unpleasant news in my life. I heard a knock at the door “It’s the police”. I was not about to open the door to a stranger so I called my neighbor who came over right away. We let the police inside and he informed me both my parents were badly hurt in a car accident while driving home from Knob Hill Farms- and were now in the hospital. I was speechless. On our way to the hospital it suddenly hit me…

What if I had been in the car tonight?

Would I have survived? (there were no seat belts in cars in those days)

What if I had not listened to Spirit? …. Stay tuned for part 2


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