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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Dawn James Loves Young Living

An interview with Dawn James, vibrational energy practitioner, speaker and author of Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life; Eleva Tu Vibracion , Transforma Tu Vida (Spanish version)

Dawn devoted two chapters of her book on the subject essential oils and in this interview she explains why she began using them personally and for her clients.

Q & A

Anne: How did you first get involved with essential oils?

Dawn: I started using essential oils personally about 9 years ago as part of my daily regime to maintain a high vibrational frequency. As I discovered the many health benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils, I began incorporating them into my energy practice.

Anne: Are you using exclusively Young Living essential oils in your clients’ treatments?

Dawn: Yes – they are part of my vibrational energy session. The oils are applied on the body at specific ‘power’ points and along certain meridians depending on what the condition is that needs attention at that time. Essential oils carry a frequency that is compatible and harmonic with our own electrical field, and helps elevate our frequencies to optimal levels.

Anne: Why do you choose to use Young Living Essential Oils?

Dawn: I researched a few brands and time and time again the quality of the Young Living brand outperformed the other brands. In my opinion, using anything less then Young Living Therapeutic grade essential oils would be a disservice to my clients. Some quote ‘essential oils’ on the market are simply perfume. I encourage everyone to read the label, research the manufacturer and ensure that the company’s production process maintains the key constituents of the oils and it is not fractioned by chemicals or with other oils such as coconut or vegetable oils.

Anne: Do you recommend Yong living essential oils to your clients?

Dawn: Absolutely. I enjoy teaching others how to use the oils not only for the body but in their homes. There are some essential oils that can be digested, others are beneficial to use in a cold air diffuser, and other oils such as Frankincense can heighten meditative and spiritual practices. Some of my clients only clean their kitchen with Thieves household cleaner because its 100% natural and very effective against germs and bacteria.

Anne: Define Young Living in a word or phrase.

Dawn: Purity and Quality through and through

Anne: Is Vibrational Energy practitioner an accurate title?
Dawn:  My specialty is using natural elements to facilitate raising the vibrational frequency of others; some of those natural elements include crystal sound frequencies, gem stones, essential oils and tuning forks.

For more information on how to raise your vibrational frequency naturally Dawn offers 21 chapters on how to do this in eBook and Paperback versions! Visit her website


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