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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prana, Pranic Breathing and Higher Consciousness - Part 2 of 3

One of the key components to activating your Light Body is to practice and master Pranic Breathing. This three-part series will introduce you to Prana, Pranic Breathing and raising consciousness via pranayamic breathing.

PRANIC TUBE continued

Depending on your level of consciousness, this prana tube can extend greater or lesser than this distance to just above the surface of the earth, a few inches or feet below, or it can connect to the very core of the Earth. It can also extend inches, several feet or several thousand miles above your head. This prana tube is also the pathway by which the kundalini energy or life-force rises from the base of the spine, up through the various energy centers of the body (chakras) into the crown, opening the being up to “cosmic consciousness”.
You breathe this life force energy up from the earth to your heart chakra, and down from the cosmic above into your heart chakra. It is a continuous flow. You reintroduce your body to this type of breathing that you and it has forgotten, so that your body will automatically breathe this way all of the time.


Breathing prana through your pineal gland activates this 4th eye, which looks up to the cosmic, which in turn alters your consciousness. This pranic/pineal center is the center of your consciousness. Breathing consciously in this manner centers you in a profound way. It also activates and balances all of your chakras thus creating balance. And integral to this is breathing to the heart center, shifting your focus from your solar plexus (the psychic and power center) to the love center. This is a shift from 3rd dimensional perception to 4th/5th dimensional unity consciousness perception, which enables compassion and understanding.


Pranic breathing is especially useful during the magnetic shifts that are happening on this planet. Your body is essentially a bi-polar magnet. Around your body is a donut shaped magnetic field referred to as a “tube torus”. Down the center of this field is your prana tube, it is the central column of the magnetic field that is emitted by the physical body. The magnetic field of this planet is shifting to zero point. If you are not centered fully within your own magnetic field, not relying on the earth to stabilize you, you will stay centered no matter what happens.


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