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Monday, October 10, 2011

Detox your Life - Part 6 of 8

The following is a series of weekly tips to detox your life

TIP#6 A Little Traffic Control  

Traffic fumes contain a mix of carbon monoxide and harmful chemicals such as benzene.

Suggestions for  reducing exposure to traffic fumes?

·        Don’t sit in an idling car
·        Try to avoid driving in heavy traffic
·        Take the public transit to school or work

For homeowners:

If your garage attached or detached form your house? A Health Canada study found that the indoor air of houses with attached garages tested positive for car emissions, with houses with detached garages had no detectable levels.

Homeowner tip: if you have an attached garage or a room over your garage, never leave the car running while the garage door is closed.


lafemmeroar said...

Thanks for the tip. Especially about the garage.

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