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Monday, September 12, 2011

Detox Your Life – Part 2 of 8

The following is a series of weekly tips to detox your life

TIP#2 Wear Less Dangerous Clothes

Did you know that the clothes you are wearing may contain chemicals and compounds that can be a health risk? These toxic substances include pesticides, dyes, plasticizers and fire retardants. Given that your skin is the largest organ on your body, and it readily absorbs what it comes in contact with, it would make sense make sure that the clothes you wear are also safe.

Take nonorganic cotton for instance. It is bleached and chemically dyed before being treated with formaldehyde which is known to cause respiratory disorders and insomnia. Additional chemicals are used to resist shrinking and wrinkling and to make it more resistant to fire. These chemical residues are absorbed by the skin.

What can you wear?

Consider clothes made from organic untreated natural fibers including cotton, bamboo and hemp. Some of the advantages of these fibers are that they are more breathable, usually softer and more comfortable.

Your laundry detergent can also leave chemical residue on your clothes. As you look beyond the washing machine and into your local water systems, think about what chemicals maybe leaving your house. The phosphates traditionally used in laundry detergents are known to kill plants and fish, and are banned in some countries. So make an eco-friendly decision to select biodegradable non toxic laundry detergent, or try making your own by mixing a cup of soap flakes with a quarter-cup of washing soda (sodium carbonate).

Time to shop for some new non toxic clothes!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I never thought about how clothing I wear can affect me in this way.

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