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Friday, August 5, 2011

How Cats help Raise Our Vibrational Frequency

Owning a pet can be very beneficial for one’s overall health and well being.
For instance, pets provide companionship (they always have time for you); they also provide a sense of security. Furthermore, pet owners and pet lovers also develop a strong sense of responsibility by caring for an animal.
But there is a wonderful benefit that cats provide to help raise our vibrational frequency.

Have you ever wondered why cats purr?

Researchers have found that when cats purr, they are creating a consistent vibrational sound frequency of 25-150 Hz, which aids in the healing of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles, as well as providing pain relief. 

Do you own a cat?

How do you feel when your cat purrs? Tell Us below. . .

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Anonymous said...

for the last 30 years or so, cats have shared my life; I've been owned by upwards of 40 cats since my first pet stole my heart. My place is not a home without at least one kitty on site! I now have three.

At one time, when I owned a farm, I had six pet cats and three wild ones in the barns. I've been affectionately called The Cat Lady!

I seem to have a connection with felines, and have domesticated feral cats, won over aloof cats, and healed sick ones. Indeed, I have a psychic connection with some cats, and I am willing to share some wonderful stories about them.

When a cat purrs, I feel a sense of peace and comfort; somehow my sadness fades away..... I sleep so much better with a kitty on the bed, snuggled in close and purring contentedly.

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