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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Law of Use

Ever wonder where the expression "Use it or Lose it " came from?

Everyone possesses either talents, abilities, skills, knowledge etc. that need to be USED, or exercised, in order to increase, or to even remain at the point where they are at. If we do not utilize our 'gifts' (ie lack of use) then they will diminish over time.

For example, if a man is a welder, he needs to continue to practice welding to be competent at it.  But by doing it, he becomes better at it, and is more useful to his employer because his skills are being USED, and therefore his skills are IMPROVING, because that is how the spiritual law, the Law of Use, works.  On the contray, if I am a musician and I do not practice my art, over time I my musical skills will diminish.

By acknowledging and embracing your skills, talents, intelligences etc - and putting them to use, you are in fact expressing your Divine essence --and this essence will get stronger over time.

TOMORROW - we discover the Law of Polarity..stay tuned!


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