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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Law of Polarity

What is Polarity?
 A polarity is a singular experience stretching in two opposing directions, toward positive and negative poles.  
  Each of these polar elements contains the essence and characteristics of its opposite pole. It is holographic.
 The spectrum of possibilities within that polarity includes all the variations of vibratory resonance between the two extremes. 
 The positive extreme cannot exist without the negative extreme within the spectrum of the same polarity, or the polarity would collapse.
 The point of balance between each extreme of the polarity is neutral space

What does the Law of Polarity have to do with you and your experiences?
The Law of Polarity helps you define your experiences and gives you a benchmark with which to compare how you feel and how you want to feel. 
The great poet, Khalil Gibran says “ you cannot truly know Joy until you know Sorrow”
For example, to appreciate success, you must also know what failure feels like. Likewise, to appreciate wealth, you must know that poverty exists, and to feel the bliss of  love, you must also feel the need to be loved.
By being aware of the negative possibilities – we can more deeply appreciate the positive, uplifting experiences as we journey through life.

TOMORROW we present The Law of Rhythm...stay tuned!


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