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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Law of Gestation

Everything takes time to manifest… Our thoughts, hopes, dreams and goals.
The Law of Gestation is one that many have trouble because ti requires patience, practice  and trust. Imagine that your hopes, goals, dreams etc are seeds, and you are the farmer. Your plant your seeds  --but if every day you walk over to your garden and dig up the seeds to see if it is growing—what do you think will happen?. You will be interrupting the growth process, you may even kill the plant!

We do need to nurture our goals, dreams and intentions – but like a real plant- too much disturbance can destroy it or cause it not to manifest. Too much focus on your intentions will also create resistance.

Here are 3 keys that will help you mindfully manifest

1. Plant the seed of intention (goal, dream etc) in your mind. This is where you choose what you want to create.

2. Write it down clearly. What does it look like? Be specific on what you are creating

3. Practice letting go. This means you feel ok if it NEVER shows up. That’s right… disconnecting from the desire to have it. Take a few slow deep breaths and exhale any desire or tension out of your body about ‘achieving’ your goal. This is how you master the art of letting go. Be patient with yourself - it takes practice. This is the KEY to trusting the process that things WILL manifest.

How do you know if you have let go?

You will know you have gotten there when everything just seems to line up, there is no resistance in your plans, and you are no longer exerting energy ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ to make things happen or trying to influence the outcome – you are allowing the process to take form through the Law of Gestation.

TOMORROW we present The Law of Love...stay tuned!


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