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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Law of Balance

The Law of Balance is simply a statement for conserving personal energy and achieving the greatest proficiency. One's energy or power level can be best maintained by avoiding extremes in thinking, emotions and actions. One must be open minded, able to consider all alternatives, but strong enough to determine one's personal course in life. This requires the right amount of flexibility to be able to examine new ideas or concepts in order to keep the ones which would improve one's life and reject those that would not.

When we overcommit ourselves, rushing around with little rest (mentally or physically)- guess what-- Your body will try to slow down the pace with a cold, flu or even a headache. The body knows that it needs rest- it is seeking balance.

We are however sentient human beings with desires, needs and emotions as well as spiritual beings. HOW do we balance these two aspects of ourselves?

The human traits are not always conducive to spiritual thinking or spiritual ways of living. Living too much in the spiritual mind and not being grounded isn't any better than those who live in the physical world and never give their spiritual natures a second thought.

The key message here is that living in extremes is not living in balance.

What we are here to learn above all, is balance. Through that lesson, you can learn acceptance, and how to let go of the past and not allow ourselves to ride on an emotional roller coaster (i.e. minimize drama in your life).

Develop a conscious thinking approach to life- take time to choose HOW to respond to life’s situations, while striving to maintain a balanced emotional state. Give your self permission to be a conscious being!

TOMORROW we present The Law of Gestation..stay tuned!


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