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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Went RIGHT Today?

About 10,000 thoughts on average run through our heads each day- unfortunately most of these thoughts are not positive.
How do you re-pattern your thinking from negative to positive?

Here is one simple exercise : Ask yourself WHAT WENT RIGHT TODAY?

Set aside some time to reflect on the positive things that have happened in your day. You may want to share this time with your family, so that you can all discuss what good things you noticed about your day. Each member of your family should share at least one good experience each day, whether it was a major event or something as small as someone complimenting you.

This is one of the ways to change your vibration from negative thinking to positive thinking- until it becomes more than a daily exercise, but a way of life. Everyday we receive lessons and blessings- if we choose to see it and reflect upon it.

Have a high vibration day!


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