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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Calling All Parents..A Typical Weekday Scenario

Does this sound like a typical weekday to you?
            **[Buzz} goes the alarm clock.
            (You Moan) Is it Friday yet?
            Get up, get ready for work
             “Kids time to wake up” you yell, as you open your bedroom door
            Make  breakfast, make your lunch and their my lunch or get lunch money
            Check fridge- is there any food I need to pick up on my way home?
            Check Fridge calendar – what’s happening after school,  appointments, social plans?
            “Kids the bus is coming, time to go”, as you head out the door to get to work

WORK  …tick-tock-tick-tock… 10 hours later…
YOU return from work, another set of tasks to do:
            Cook and eat dinner
            Clean up after dinner
            Figure out what’s for dinner tomorrow
            Check the mailbox, pay bills, read paper
            “Did you finish your homework?”
            You Watch some TV, check your email, voicemail, and or  talk on phone
            Bedtime “ Time for bed, good night kids”

QUESTION: How many minutes did you talk to your kids today? Hmmmmmmm
...Stay tuned for more posts about finding and making quality family time.


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